Handy Hints & Tips For Moving House

Moving House

Things To Find Out

Where is the stop cock (to shut off the water)?

Where are the Gas & Electric Meters?

Who is the utility supplier?

What day are the bins collected?

Do you have any instruction manuals / guarantees for electrical items?

Do any surfaces need special cleaning products e.g. wooden floors?

Do you have any old tins of paint the same colour as the walls?

Where do the bathroom / kitchen tiles come from?

Which company supplies the broadband / home phone?

Where is the thermostat?

2 Months Before

Start decluttering things not in use

Start collecting items to help with packing (boxes and bags)

Find a new school for children and have their record transferred

5 – 6 Weeks Before

Hire a removal company

Buy or update your home’s insurance policy

Make or update your will

3 – 4 Weeks Before

Start packing non-essential items

Transfer your services – possibly a better deal for your TV/Phone/Broadband/Utilities

Inform your doctor / dentist

1 – 2 Weeks Before

Redirect your mail and inform the Bank / Insurance Providers / Pensions / TV Licence

Register to pay council tax in your new homes

Pack an overnight bag – Toiletries / Clothes / Tea Bags!

Clean Your Home

1 Day Before

Final Clean

Make sure you have your keys

On The Day

Make a note of all meter readings

Check everything is locked and utilities switched off

Check furniture and items are undamaged before moving

After Moving

Change the locks on your new home

Update the  electoral register

Register with new Doctor / Dentist (if  necessary)

Arrange a house warming – and don’t forget to invite your solicitor!