When Legal Aid changed in April 2013, one of the effects was to remove many cases from the scope of public funding. This means that if you are involved in litigation under the Children Act (for example, a dispute over contact) or have issues relating to the financial side of a divorce, when your case reaches Court you will either have to represent yourself or pay privately for a solicitor.

There are many other services our expert solicitors can offer on a Pay As You Go service – just click here for more details.

Expert Representation

You will have a meeting before the Court hearing with your advocacy solicitor, safe in the knowledge that you have the benefit of quality representation at a fixed fee that you can afford.

We Will Speak For You

We understand that representing yourself at Court (acting as a “Litigant in Person”) can be a very daunting prospect and that you might want some support. For this reason we offer an advocacy service where you can simply pay a fixed rate for one of our experienced advocacy solicitors to accompany you to Court and speak on your behalf.