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What We Provide

At Hopkins Law we recognise that Legal Proceedings are expensive and also may occur at times of emotional upheaval. Being family centred solicitors we understand you may need to use your available money on your family and yourself, but this shoulnd’t mean that you are left with no access to legal services.

To help with this we have developed Pay As You Go to help you obtain the legal advice you need and at the same time manage your own finances. You will be in charge of your own case and will come to us as and when you require essential legal support.

Come And See Us
We’ll advise you about the likely costs and whether we think Pay As You Go is right for your case.
Get Organised

Keep all your paperwork together and keep a note of any telephone conversations you have regarding your case record dates, times, people and what was discussed.

Keep all your emails in one place too.

Pay As You Go!
Pay on the day each time you see us.
No nasty bills in the post, no nasty surprises.
Go Online
Many forms can be downloaded so internet access is very useful.
How Does It Work?
You can meet with us at the very beginning, take advantage of the advice we give and only pay for the meeting. We can tell you in advance what the meeting will cost, you pay on the day and that’s it – no hidden extra costs. When you next need us, you can return with your paper work and pay for our time to advise you on any specific issue or on how to progress your case. Again, you will know the cost of that meeting before you even leave home. We can assist in all aspects of Family Law including divorce, separation of finances, children matters and domestic violence. We can provide you all kinds of assistance including:
  • Advising you on the law and best practice procedure
  • Assist in drafting documents such as Divorce Petitions, Applications to Court and Statements
  • Advising you about representing yourself at Court (when you are acting as a “Litigant in Person”)
  • Representing you at Court, or assisting you to obtain Barrister representation (Advocacy Services)
  • Advising on any specific issues that arise in your case, such as statements from the other side or expert reports