Taking Instructions

  • At this stage our Solicitors will take your instructions, obtain ID and give you initial advice
  • Check finances are in place to fund purchase and request evidence of source of funds and wealth from you
  • Collect the relevant documents and information from everyone involved to get the process started



This is where we undertake due diligence. This includes requesting searches and checking the results. We will review the title and supporting documents, raising enquiries where required to ensure good title to the property. We will report to you on the title and results of searches

Sale – we will check the title and draft the contract confirming the terms of the sale.

We will respond to the buyers’ queries, and they perform the searches

Once the contract is approved in can be signed in readiness for exchange of contracts

Generally, once we are satisfied with the searches, the title including replies to enquiries raised by us and the Mortgage Offer (if applicable) is correct, and we can comply with the conditions. We can then move to discussing exchange of contracts with an agreed completion date.

You can then transfer your deposit to us – subject to the source of funds/wealth checks referred to in Stage 1


Exchanging Contracts

Once the chain has agreed a completion date, we can exchange contracts. This is when the sale/purchase becomes binding. This is why it is important to ensure that all due diligence is done before exchange of contracts.

We will transfer the deposit to the sellers’ Lawyers or if it’s a sale, the Buyers’ Solicitors will transfer the deposit to us.



This is the day that the transfer is completed. There are pre-completion tasks which we will have carried out, but the majority of the work will have been done before exchange of contracts.

Completion funds including mortgage funds received will be transferred between Solicitors.

Once received, the Estate Agents will be authorised to release the keys to your new home.


Post Completion

Following completion we will submit any Stamp Duty Land Tax, Land Transaction Tax Forms on your behalf. We will pay the relevant tax on your behalf to HMRC or WRA, according to our calculations. Please note that this tax is a personal tax, and it is your responsibility to ensure that the correct amount of tax is being paid.

We will apply the registration of the purchase to HM Land Registry and keep your Lender updated during the process.



Reviewing the Mortgage

Your solicitor is required to review the offer together with the title to the property. We will usually be instructed to act by the Lender as well as the Borrower

We’ll check the mortgage offer and make sure all the conditions are met. We may have to carry out some searches on the property at this point to satisfy your mortgage lender.



Arranging Completion

Once your lender and you are content with the offer and that conditions can be met, we will arrange for you to sign the Mortgage Deed.

We will then obtain an up-to-date settlement figure for your existing mortgage and ask your new Lender to let us have the mortgage funds.




On the day of completion, we will have received the mortgage funds from you Lender, we will redeem any existing mortgages and complete your new mortgage.

Any net proceeds will be transferred to you

We will apply to register the mortgage at HM Land Registry and keep your Lender updated during this process.



Expected Timescales

How long a purchase takes between receiving the contract pack from the Sellers’ Solicitors and completion will depend on a number of factors., The average process takes between 8-14 weeks. It can be quicker or slower depending on the parties in the chain. Also, New Builds and Leasehold purchases can take longer as a result of the additional papers required on this type of transaction.

House purchase or sale: 8-14 weeks

Remortgage: 4-6 weeks